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Foster City Overview

Foster City today is known to be a well-balanced community where one can not only come to start a family but can also find gainful employment and excitement for what the city has to offer. Foster City carries a diverse population with persons of Asian ethnicity making up the predominant ethnic group. There is a place for everyone here in Foster City, with large sections of the land being set aside for light industry, shopping centers, office buildings, and commercial establishments. Those who are fortunate enough to experience to Island of Blue Lagoons have the pleasure of water being around them, and the close-up views of the San Francisco Bay.

Parks and Recreation

  • Foster City has the most parks per capita than any other city in CA.

  • Foster City parks offer walking and bike paths, dog parks, a lighted softball field, numerous soccer and youth baseball fields, tennis and bocce ball and basketball courts, and the multi-use San Francisco Bay Trail.


  • Foster City falls within the bounds of the San Mateo-Foster City School District, and the San Mateo Union High School District.

  • Foster City currently has 3 elementary schools and 1 middle school:

  • Local Foster City High Schools consist of:

Public Safety

  • Foster City is ranked as one of the Top 10 safest cities in CA.

  • The Foster City Fire Department has maintained a Class 2 Fire Protection Rating since 2000.

  • The Foster City Fire Department is within the top 7% of fire departments in CA and the top 1% in the nation.

  • Foster City also carries its very own full-service Police Department.

Things To Do In Foster City

Foster City’s lagoon canals span over 16 miles and 212 acres through the stunning scenery of the peninsula. A variety of activities can be enjoyed in the canals in and around Leo Ryan Park, including swimming, paddle boarding, windsurfing, and kayaking. Looking for a team water sport and a little adventure? Sign up with the Bay Area Dragons (BAD) for the Bay Area Dragon Boat Novice Race. The race is a fun way for amateurs to enjoy some racing, food, and friends. The race usually takes less than two minutes and all equipment is provided.

For the past 45 years, Foster City has hosted a widely popular annual wine and food festival. Formerly known as the Arts and Wine Festival, CityFest hosts a variety of art, food, and wine booths for visitors and residents to enjoy. Once you’re tired of sampling everything the 175 vendors have to offer, sit and enjoy a sweet serenade of live music or take the kids to the festival’s amusement park and let them go wild.

If you’re an outdoor adventurer or looking to find a better way to commute, the San Francisco Bay Trail is an exciting 500-mile walking and cycling path that is in the process of being built around the entire San Francisco Bay. This ambitious project is run by the Bay Trail Project. When it is completed, the trail is expected to connect nine Bay Area counties, 47 cities, and cross seven toll bridges. Though not completed yet, new segments are continuously being opened. Maps on the website are updated to show the current state of the trail in your area.

Foster City Neighborhoods

The Carmel Village neighborhood is a quiet and peaceful location, with streets named after different types of fish. Carmel Village is a family-friendly neighborhood, providing easy access to the following parks: Shad Park, Marlin Park, Pompano Park, Sunfish Park, and Shorebird Park. Properties in Carmel Village consist of single-family homes and apartments. Additionally, construction is currently taking place to further protect homes from the rising tides of the San Francisco Bay. Due to the construction, the view of the San Francisco Bay has been partially obstructed for the houses on Beach Park Boulevard. Trying to figure out where to send your children for middle school? Then Carmel Village is the neighborhood for you, being the home for Foster City’s very own Bowditch Middle School.

The Bay Vista neighborhood is located in between Carmel Village and Highway 92 and is yet another quiet and peaceful location, with streets named after different types of seabirds. Most of the living you will find in Bay Vista are single-family homes and apartments. Like Carmel Village, views of the San Francisco Bay are partially obstructed by the ongoing construction, taking place in front of houses on Beach Park Boulevard. Bay Vista provides easy access for you and your family to visit the following parks: Gull Park, Killdeer Park, and Turnstone Park. Being the home of Audubon Elementary School, Bay Vista carries yet another one of Foster City’s finest public schools. If being close to a medical center is on your checklist, then have no fear because Bay Vista also offers Foster City’s very own Medical Center.

Looking to be closer to the Foster City action? Then Treasure Isle is the neighborhood for you! With streets being named after famous ships, Treasure Isle is the center point for some of Foster City’s most active shopping centers, road intersections, and fast-food restaurants. If safety is an important factor to help you find the one, then you are in luck because Treasure Isle is the home of Foster City’s very own fire department and police station. Most of the living that you will find in Treasure Isle are condominiums and apartments, and while these homes do not have 180 views of the San Francisco Bay, they offer views of Foster City’s blue lagoon. If the recent parks were not enough for you, then here are the parks for you and your family to visit in Treasure Isle: Foster City Dog Park and Erckenbrack Park. Still, looking for an Elementary School to send your children to? Additionally, Treasure Isle also offers Brewer Island Elementary School as a part of the Foster City-San Mateo School District. Finally, if you ever need a quiet place to study and are interested in learning more about Foster City, Treasure Isle provides its residents with easy access to the Foster City Library and City Hall.

The Marina Point neighborhood is yet another peaceful and quiet location, with streets named after different boat parts. Marina Point is occupied by some of Foster City’s finest apartments and single-family homes with easy access to the Marlin Cove Shopping Center. Unlike other neighborhoods in Foster City that have numerous parks, the only park in Marina Point is Ketch Park.

With streets named after famous explorers, the Islands offers views of the Foster City Lagoon from three sides of the neighborhood! Being the home of some of Foster City’s finest single-family homes and condominiums, the Islands also carries Foster City’s well-known Catamaran Park. The Islands is yet another quiet and family-friendly location, offering Beach Park Elementary School as a part of the Foster City – San Mateo School District.

Being its own neighborhood off of Beach Park Boulevard, the Harborside neighborhood is a beautiful location to relax and enjoy the Foster City breeze. With streets named after admirals, the Harbor Side neighborhood is a continuation of single-family homes, condos, and apartments. Looking for the closest park in Harbor Side? Farragut Park is a beautiful park, with open grass fields for you and your friends to have a picnic.

The Sea Colony neighborhood is one of Foster City’s most peaceful locations, right next to Redwood Shores. With streets named after islands, Sea Colony offers private beaches and the following parks: Sea Cloud Park, Gateshead Park, Antigua Park, and Royal Park Playground. In Sea Colony, you will come across some of Foster City’s finest townhomes and single-family homes.

With streets named after neighborhood bays, the Dolphin Bay neighborhood is sandwiched in between the San Mateo and Foster City Lagoons. Living in Dolphin Bay consists of single-family homes and condominiums. New to the area and looking to grab a bite? Dolphin Bay’s very own Edgewater Plaza is open to the public, offering some of Foster City’s most delicious restaurants. Unlike most neighborhoods in Foster City that carry numerous arks, Dolphin Bay offers Boothbay Park.

Located in between East Hillsdale Boulevard and Dolphin Bay, the Isle Cove neighborhood is a beautiful location to build a family. With streets named after different Constellations and Stars, Isle Cove is also sandwiched in between the San Mateo and the Foster City Lagoons. Isle Cove has gained its attraction for carrying Foster City’s most popular park, Edgewater Park, and two smaller parks: Arcturus Park and Shell Cove Park. Isle Cove is a family-friendly location with a continuation of single-family homes, condominiums, and apartments. In addition to providing easy access to some of Foster City’s finest parks and trails for you and your family to explore, the Isle Cove neighborhood is the home for the one and only Foster City Elementary School. Need gas before heading to work? Then come to Isle Cove, carrying its very own 24-hour Arco Gas Station.

The Metro Center is home to Foster City’s well-renowned shopping mall. By providing easy access to Leo J. Ryan Park, the Metro Center provides 180 views of Foster City’s beautiful lagoon. The Metro Center is notorious for its array of events that take place each year, ranging from food fairs, music festivals, the annual Fourth of July Fire Works Show, and many more. Living in the Metro Center is minimal, offering beautiful apartments, condominiums, and townhomes.

Looking for work in Foster City? Vintage Park is home to some of Foster City’s newly constructed office buildings. Offering easy access to the Foster City Driving Range, Seal Point Park, and the San Francisco Bay Trail, Vintage Park is an amazing location for you and your family to spend your weekends.

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